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Other Services

Pole Kiosk Advertising

Effective, Incisive and Impactful! Pole Kiosks - the most efficient and impressionable way of advertising and branding. Pole Kiosk Advertising comprises of putting up small and compact advertising billboards on electric poles, back to back in a row on major city roads. 



Mall Advertising & Promotion Mall advertising has unique advantages in terms of reaching your target audience, making meaningful connections, and increasing sales. Much like commercial television, radio or the internet, malls draw mass audiences to a common point where brands can efficiently communicate their message.Mall advertisements provide a wide array of options that allow businesses to not only communicate their message, but helps reach their target market in a bold, and interactive manner. Whether it’s brand awareness or directing your customers on the path to purchase, mall media can help you strengthen the story when consumers have a positive mindset and are receptive to new ideas. 

Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Now-a-days, Auto Rickshaw Advertising is one of the best ways of advertising by which you can make people aware about your products and services. By advertising and promoting their business in the market, businessmen are able to increase their sales and profit of their business. Companies and firms can get a range of benefits for their business by hiring the service of advertising but they need to make sure that they hire one of the effective companies of advertisement that offer superior quality advertisement services at affordable rates  



No Parking Boards Advertising No Parking Boards Advertising is a very cost effective type of advertising. No Parking Boards acts as a welcome agent for any housing society and greets every resident and non-resident of the locality. No Parking Sign Board is an advertisement done on the society gate. No Parking Posters is noticed not only by the residents of the building, but also by-standers and people just passing by.No Parking Boards generates curiosity in the minds of on-lookers, and your brand stays in their mind at conscious as well as sub conscious level.No Parking Boards are the most affordable outdoor medium to advertise on. . 


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